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Saturday, November 11th, 2006

I cant wait to get my John and Brian action figures!, like all my other action figures i have displayed i’ll be swapping the clothes, at the moment my ‘Six million dollar man’ is wearing ‘The Nanny’s’ outfit, including the leopard print jacket!.


Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Recently a dvd surfaced featuring about two hours of footage from Pauls disasterous Japan visit in 1980, it’s pretty good quality and i was able to get a few interesting screen captures, it’s interesting that you get to see Paul soon after his pot bust where Paul tries to keep up the cheery, bounce along, thumbs aloft Macca on display, this soon comes unstuck when he cant lift his arms due to the handcuffs to display the reassuring thumbs aloft, the second sign that things are turning stinky is when he got close to the press and chirped a cheerey ‘Good evening’ only to have the detectives scream at Paul ‘NO! NO! NO! NO!’ you can almost lierally see the blood drain from Pauls face as he says in a slightly paniced voice ‘ok, ok’

The grin soon to be wiped from Macca’s face.

That’s our Macca, even in the face of nine years hard labour he still sneaks a thumbs aloft out the back window of the Phantom Agent-esque police car.

JAPAN 80 PT-2:

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

The above two photo’s show Paul being raced through the streets of Tokyo towards the airport to be deported.

Here we see Paul arriving at the airport to leave Japan, i think it’s cool that in every interview and chance he had when he was on camera after his release he took the time to appologise to the Japanese fans for having to cancel the tour and disappointing them.

Linda in Tokyo with her brother and still to this day Paul’s lawyer John Eastman.

Linda and the kids arriving at the airport to meet up with Paul after his release.