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A nip and a tuck

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Finally proof that Macca HAS gone under the scalpel, the first photo is the before shot, the second pic is the ‘after’, personally i hope Paul hooks up with Farrah’s or Jocelyn Wildensteins plastic surgeon, imagine Paul looking like a mixture of those two!?.

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a Bea-tle

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Just read the MOJO interview with Paul. it hard a strangely upsetting comment in it from Macca, i think sometimes we forget that whatever else these lads were to the world, to each other they were just friends. Paul mentioned getting a photo sent to him from Ali, the photo was taken when he met the Fabs in Miami in 1964. On the back Ali had inscribed his love to Paul and best wishes, and made comment that he always thought it was HE who had the big mouth, but when he saw Pauls face in the photo and his wide mouthes grin, he realised it was PAUL who had the biggest mouth. Paul said he was feeling honoured and amazed at this gift of the photo, and then he turned it over to look at the actual photo, and the first thing he realised was that John and George who were in the pic with him, were no longer with he and Ringo .. he said that happends a lot now when people give him Beatle photos to sign. I really found that sad.

Drumming is my madness

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

I’ve always loved the story Ringo tells about John coming up to him one day, and handing him a record. He asked Ringo to play like that on one of his songs, Ringo protested ‘But John, theres TWO drummers on that record!’ John responded ‘Thats okay, you can do it.’ being a drummer myself, i can understand Ringos dilema of having three frustrated drummers in the band with him. Many times i’ve heard Ringo say that everytime he got up from his kit for a break, or a cup of tea, one of the others would jump on his drums to have a play.

Close, but not quite.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Just noticed these two photos taken a couple of years apart at Pauls Cavendish Avenue home.


Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Hello: At last an outlet for all the pics i’ve collected over time of the fabs, the solo years, and friends and family. As the intro spells out above, i’ll be posting pics, commenting on them, and discussing them .. hopefully with a little input from all of you. Some of the pics i’ll post will have a theme, like this first lot of photos i’m posting here. Over the years of following the Fabs, i’ve found its hard not to be drawn into following the family and friends, who make up the ‘Beatle family’. The photos i’m posting today, show that ‘everything old is new again’ and the kids just love getting into their parents wardrobes and wearing dads old clothes. Hope to see a few comments and feed back, let me know what you think, Greg xoxo