1990 (Oh how i wish i could have seen this tour).

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  1. Ishie says:

    I was there … Foxboro, MA., July 1990 and it was fantastic! Concert goers received a beautiful 9×12 booklet with photos, tour itinerray and band biographies! That was a gift in itself!
    Coinciding with the release of “Flowers in the Dirt”, the band kicked off with ‘Figure Of Eight’ and the magic of the evening began.
    I’ll never forget it!

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    I was in Inglewood three nights in a row…
    (I doubt that will ever happen again)

  3. washington dc july 4th 3rd row. two nights later in 2nd row. and to top it off that great bootleg from the soundbaord that came out from the july 4 show.

    pretty cool first time hearing paul sing the sgt pepper reprise MONO version style :-)

  4. Jonathan says:

    Philadelphia, July 1990. My first concert and I still can’t believe my parents let me drive into the city with a friend at the tender age of 17 – no cell phone, no money, etc. We were there early enough to see Paul and Linda pull into Veterans Stadium in their limo (we were about ten feet away) and I remember he was wearing round sunglasses very similar to one John made famous. There is footage of this in the documentary ‘Coming Home.’

    I also remember hearing the sound check from outside and the opening piano of Martha My Dear giving me the chills. Great memories!

  5. John S. Damm says:

    I was fortunate enough to see Paul’s first two of three concerts at the Rosemont Horizon Arena(Chicago) in early December 1989; then the two Indianapolis concerts in February 1990(including Valentine’s Day) and finally the 1989/1990 World Tour Finale at Soldier Field Chicago in late July 1990 which was spectacular. Man, 25 years ago. I believe in yesterday.

  6. anonymoustill says:

    Tampa, April 1990. 3rd row center seats. The couple next to us were pissed that he didn’t do “My Love.” Anyone else remember hearing collective groans when he did “Coming Up?” Agreed, John S… 25 years went by in a flash (bulb).

    Kwai, you’re responsible for that last sentence!

  7. Jeff says:

    Paul signed my Hofner bass during the beginning of the US part of this tour on December 5, 1989, the third of the three shows I saw at the Rosemont Horizon just outside of Chicago. Then, saw Paul again at the last show of the US leg at Soldier Field when he came back. Lucky enough to see Paul again last Friday at Grant Park in Chicago as part of Lollapalooza. The wonder of it all, Baby.

  8. Dan says:

    I’d waiting a very long time for that tour. I was an 11 year old fan in 1976, when the tour came through Chicago. I remember watching the local TV news shows running clips of the Chicago Stadium shows and my mother saying “oh, I didn’t know you wanted to go. I would have gotten tickets” (!). Which was the kind of thing she would say. But I digress.

    As a 24 year old fan – living in NYC by then – there was no chance I was going to miss it. Bought a ticket from a broker and went to one of the MSQ shows with a friend. The program was great and, I think, free. I was a fan of Flowers in the Dirt, so was thrilled that they played some of that record (opened with Figure of Eight as I recall). But it was the finale that blew my mind – the Abbey Road stuff. A complete surprise (no internet to tip me off) and completely outrageous.

    Didn’t seem him again until the Apollo, which was great in it’s own way, but the 1989 show was unforgettable.

    And congrats on 10 years of the blog! I look at it ALL THE TIME. Thank you thank you thank you.


  9. Kwai Chang says:

    The first night in L.A. the Abbey Road jam(The End) got tangled and Paul stumbled backwards a couple of steps before falling on his back and nearly doing a summersault. There was a girl at Beatlefest selling a photo of the moment (with Paul’s ass and legs in the air…shoulders on ground). It was an electrifying moment of the concert. The crowd went nuts….all spontaneous. The next two nights…no shoving during the lead guitar battle. There is a Macca bootleg 3-disc on Starlight Records that captured it in dubious sound quality(Thanks, Gary)
    Anyway, The End WAS the surprise to beat regarding all things Flowers Tour.

  10. mcarp555 says:

    Was in the presence in Orlando – holding up a picture of my girlfriend (now wifey) while Paul sang “Yesterday”, with tears running from my eyes.

  11. I liked Flowers in the Dirt but substandard songs like Ou Est Le Soleil are the ones that drag down alot of Paul’s solo LPs. As soon as you think he’s made a solid album he goes and puts clunkers like that on there. Just my opinion

  12. Alpha Bitch says:

    So happy to have been there. The older I get, along with friends, the more it means that we immersed ourselves in the magical experience of a Paul concert. There is no comparison, now or ever.

  13. jim says:

    I was lucky enough to see Paul & Co in Paris, on John’s birthday, 9 Oct 1989, before any news had crossed the pond as to his set list, etc. I remember bring most surprised at hearing Eleanor Rigby & Fool On The Hill, and the Sgt Pepper jam. Also was at the Dallas (Irving), Texas show on 7 April 1990. These were but two of my 14 times seeing Paul, not counting the time I was walking past his house on Cavendish in London and he came out the door just as I was passing (it was Oct 2003)!

  14. Lizzie, wasn’t this the tour where you met Paul at a press event, and he recognized you? OK to me, after all those years…that was a REALLY COOL story.

  15. Lizzie says:

    Hi johnny silver, yes it was! February 14th, 1990 (the first time I ever saw the four Beatles was February 14th, 1967…) backstage in Indianapolis. I have a photo and the conversation recorded in tape. It was just a few minutes, but very cool. To be recognized, after all those years, fantastic feeling!

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