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  1. Nick D. says:

    Now…this is middle “C”….and don’t yer forget it!

  2. Been listening to a lot of Wings lately, most noticeably a stripped back instrumental of ‘Time to hide’. In many ways Linda really shines on this track, her Hammond B3 playing really pushes the track along. For Linda to go from middle C in 1972, to carrying all the keyboards parts in concert in 1976 on songs like Time to hide, Live and let die, and most impressively Silly love songs, without any formal lessons, is really quite impressive.

  3. Nick D. says:

    I have to agree with you, Greg. She really improved over the years, having really no training at all. She did very well. I just heard something on YouTube, her vocals on “Another Day” isolated. She killed it!

  4. Have you ever noticed her high harmony at the very end of Silly love songs?, “Some people want to fill the world with Silly love songs”, just glorious.

    I have heard a lot of the isolated studio vocals, inc Linda’s, another highlight being ‘Love in song’.

  5. Nick D. says:

    Yes, again she kills at at the end of SLS & also “Letting Go”. Yes, also I heard snipit of “Love in Song” Do you know if there is a longer version of the isolated vocal for LIS?

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