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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    (Sung to the tune of How Do You Sleep?)

    So, Decca Audition took us by surprise…
    We had set our hopes up so very high
    Dick Rowe was wrong when he said we was dead
    That really hurt but made us strong instead.

    oh, how great were we?
    Oh, how great were we back then?

    We thought that we would last a year or two
    but no one else writes songs like me and you
    and in the end we took the love we made
    But since we’ve gone I wish that we had stayed

    Oh, how great were we
    Oh, how great were The Beatles?


    Apparently, somebody told John he might get sued by Decca. So, Paul said to pretend that he and John were fighting. “Besides, it should increase sales if we bicker back and forth in song”. So John rewrote the lyric and recorded it the next day for the Imagine album. The following weekend, John found a bootleg of the Decca Audition at a record swap meet…he called Paul and said “I’ll be at the train station tomorrow at noon”. Paul went to greet John, who was already waiting…with record under arm. “Surprise!!!” said John as he gave Paul his gift. The following Thursday, Paul was listening to the record and decided he could rewrite the Sheik Of Araby without anyone catching on. He began, “When I met you at the station, you were standing with a bootleg in your hand…”
    And…don’t believe everything you read unless it’s written in the dead wax area of the trail out groove…like Phil + Ronnie, etc.

  2. Michoo says:

    interesting plot, Kwai :-)

  3. Jorge says:

    Hah, what bitterness right?, I’m glad this side of friendship shows up once in awhile and not all that breakup feud hatred the press seemed to only want to report on

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    Well, if we begin at the end…in the “December 1971” context…
    “Love, John + Yoko”
    Hmmmmmmmm…I guess that rolling stone interview was just a form of aerobics to avoid the ‘sanpaku’ effect of super stress. “1-2-3-vent…and, a 1-2-3-vent…”
    Hey, lets play “album cover rock fight”. You show a beetle getting screwed by another beetle…then I’ll make a PIG postcard for my album…
    So, now what? Pressure on Lewisohn to get that solo book written???
    For, me…I’m mostly worried that John went to Sterling Sound and had a 15 i.p.s. reel made of a scratchy old vinyl bootleg…NOT! What the hell did John ‘find’? The Deccagone series of colored vinyl singles(and later, album) did not appear on the scene until 1977 or 1978. So, who did he really get this ‘bootleg’ from? Joe Pope?
    Hey, if you’re really ‘fighting’, how about a really big argument…or, something big enough to put a “Peace Of Cake” calendar in RAM!
    (you took your lucky break and cross promoted each other in two…you know, DOUBLE!)
    Okay, anybody can play…all ya have to do is watch the pea…watch the pea and then tell me which shell it’s under…here we go!

  5. nika says:

    It turned out that what John had found was an LP of BBC sessions.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Does anybody have a description of the album John found?
    I don’t know what BBC sessions would have been pressed onto a record…or even an acetate(lacquer) in 1971. There were no ‘transcription’ discs that I know of. ‘Internal Use Only’? Maybe…but, who?
    This is a real mystery. Bootleggers didn’t press this up until the late seventies. AND, since it seems about 10 years or, less…I don’t see how John would confuse the Decca Audition Tape for BBC appearances. First of all, the Decca tapes sound better than anything from BBC. Well, I am calling this a real Spaniard in the works. The easiest explanation is that this photo is from 1977 and someone accidently bumped into that last digit with a photoshop pen…
    Stranger things have happened
    So let it rain, I’ll never care.
    Deep in your heart…I’ll still be there
    and when I’m there…
    I see the love of the loved.
    (Not ‘alf)

  7. alf says:

    Not ‘arf !
    Does that look like John’s hand wroter to you ?
    Plus remember that bootlegs were a hundred times harder to come by way back then . Some were very limited runs of only 25 or so . Could well have been tracks of BBC and Decca on the same disc . There were no rules to go by .

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    He must have found something on vinyl.
    The picture is supported by the released dates of the Christmas single:

    1 December 1971 (US)
    24 November 1972 (UK)

  9. Tammy says:

    I’m pretty sure this is from late 71, weren’t John and Yoko at Sterling around that time mastering ‘Imagine’?. Something also makes me think John had BBC mixed up with Decca, nothing sure, just a forum discussion I’m having a flashback to.

  10. Thisbe says:

    Supposedly, the bootleg was a copy of “Yellow Matter Custard” and was given to John by Dave Morrell, a fan from NJ. Dave had copied it onto reel-to-reel to give to John, instead of giving him the actual album, so John mistakenly thought it was a tape of the Decca auditions, and gave Dave a signed Butcher cover album in return. John dated it December 7, 1971.

  11. princess stephanie says:

    John mixed up BBC with Decca in his BBC/Andy Peebles Dec 1980 interview He mentioned producer Bernie Mathews and how the BBC stuff was “well recorded” . He mentioned that they did “Three Cool Cats”, which was of course from the Decca audition not BBC.

  12. James Peet says:

    What I find interesting is the sense you get that there’s no personal issues between John and Paul…it’s quite sweet. We’ll never know now.

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    What I find interesting is how that really contradicts all the mythical stuff… This one little scribble by “it-appears-to-be-his-writing” changes ALL that timeline stuff(Too Many People, Dear Boy, Dear Friend, How Do You Sleep, et al)…Technically speaking…we could have had Let Me Roll It 3 years earlier!!! Obviously, there was no fighting…it was just like a cold-war. Everybody pretends to hate each other which creates the pretext for your next direction. So, it’s a vectoring accessory…the fake bickering, I mean.
    I hope there aren’t too many more bombs like this note any time soon.
    Now, the Decca Audition Tape has taken me by surprise! This isn’t a note…it’s a remix of history!
    You know that what you eat…you are.
    But, what is sweet now, turns so sour.
    I need an Alka-Seltzer!

  14. Dan says:

    I can confirm the Dave Morrell story (although the reel-to-reel bit I don’t know anything about), based on my conversations with Howard Smith (who orchestrated the meet-up).

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks, for the prime assistance. That bootleg is pretty incredible. I didn’t know that title was released so early. I did actually see my first bootlegs at a small gathering of Beatle fanatics I went to in Cocoa Beach, Florida. That was in July of 1976. It was at the local public library and I think it was organized by a girl named Della S. She had brought Sweet Apple Trax and As Sweet As You Are. They were playing them in between threading of the next 8mm movies that were shown. There were only about 25 people there and it lasted about 2 hours. It was THE FIRST Beatles gathering ever that I know of. Those folks were SO INTO IT!!! I thought they were a little bit over the top…but, I went on to become even worse. But, Della was hip…
    Where is she now?
    (how hip was she? She let me borrow those bootlegs to record to cassette…that was one huge thrill at the time)
    So, the highlight here is the “fake fighting” between John and Paul right after the breakup. That is pretty enlightening in my view!

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