1967 John.





Thanks Ms L, you know we wish you well. :-)

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  1. MarkZapp says:

    The top photo might be the first one that I have ever seen of John with a moustache and no eyeglasses on EVER.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Very happy to share! Yes, boys, that first photo is rather unusual. Unfortunately, my scrapbooks are (actually were, since I’ve just donated some 20 of them to local friends – mind you, I looked through every single page and took photos of everything I thought would be interesting to share) all made of cut up photos of John, so I don’t know where that photo came from, place, date, etc.

  3. Only time i can recall seeing a John pic from this era sans ‘stache was when he was lounging at a pool. i was shocked too

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