Fantastic new interview with the RKO crew who recorded John’s last interview can be found “Here”, i’m really looking forward to hearing this documentary when it’s broadcast.

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  1. luis says:

    it’s great to see the pictures of dec 8th last interview finally come public.

  2. A Different Chris says:

    It is so strange seeing these post-interview pictures. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two before he stepped out of the Dakota for the last time.

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks for the link on this.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for the picture and link. : )

  5. Markzapp says:

    Any unseen photos of John from 1980 is a real treat.

  6. Don Vito says:

    Does anyone know when the American Masters on PBS with John debuts or if it has already? Is called “Lennonnyc” or something along those lines and I know it had footage from 1980 in the trailers I saw.

  7. Vince says:

    In this picture John looked like he was ready to rock n roll on stage again. What a loss for his family and the rest of the world. Thankfully he will always live on through his words and music.

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi, it’s broadcast in the US on Nov 22nd, it’s released on dvd on the 23rd.


  9. John looked every bit the rock ‘n’ roller he started his career out as!

  10. Lizzie Bravo says:

    is it true that he had his hair cut that morning? i seem to remember reading that at the time. lovely photo! and the interview is great too. i have to dig out that interview with the brazilian limo driver to share with everyone.

  11. Dave says:

    Lizzie: yes, I believe John had his hair cut that morning. Looking forward to reading that interview with the Limo driver. Was he the driver who dropped John & Yoko off in the evening, just prior to the shooting?

    Tammy: Thanks for posting the link to these pictures & interviews.

    I’d already listened to the Lennon interview from that day on YouTube. It seems to be the complete version: it starts off with Yoko talking for a good while, then John comes in mentioning the Annie Liebovitz session and the interview starts.

    I assume this is the complete undeited interview, however is there more audio available that we don’t know about?

  12. Yes, he got his haircut earlier in the day. He spoke about it during that day’s interview and said it was similar to his early rocker hairstyle and that it was hard to keep up.

  13. Guido says:

    Hi Lizzie, where did the interview with the driver appear?

  14. Tammy says:

    Hi, not sure Dave, reading the interview about the radio special they may actually be playing some stuff we havent heard, wont know until we hear it.

  15. Lizzie Bravo says:

    hi everybody. the interview with the brazilian limo driver was never published anywhere, i just asked him a bunch of questions because i thought it was an interesting story. i had it on tape and typed it and it’s here. i found it, but i won’t be able to write it for you since i am working hard: i leave for são paulo for paul’s 2 concerts on friday and am only coming back on tuesday, so i have to work hard for my boss and leave everything organized (we’re doing 3 cds at the same time) or i’m in trouble. he was driving for the people who interviewed john, so he wasn’t there that night. he did take john and yoko to the studio after the interview was over. i promise i’ll send it to tammy for posting as soon as i can.

  16. Vin says:

    Hi, Lizzie. I remember seeing a letter from you (from Brazil) in the Beatles Monthly mag. I was thumbing through my old copies and recognised your name because of your subsequent fame! I can’t recall what the letter was about, and now the mags have disappeared.
    Enjoy São Paulie!

  17. Lizzie Bravo says:

    hi vin! i can’t recall what that letter was about either, but i do have all the monthlies and i’ll look through them one of these days. take care!

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