My mate Bob has compiled this ten year time line for Paul, i haven’t posted the full text of Bob’s mail but the main jist was to remind us fans just ‘what’ Paul has given us and that the last ten years may well be the most active and artistically successful ten year period of his career, hard to argue that point point when in an eighteen month period you get Chaos and creation and Memory almost full PLUS tour where he performed ‘Too many people’ when you look at the list Paul really has been a busy boy, even in his ‘off’ years.

1997 Flaming Pie- coming off the Beatle’s Anthology project, Paul delights his fan by a return of a very Beatle sounding album.

1997 Standing Stone- a classical work to show his more serious side

1998 The Fireman-Rushes…..a creative trip into ambient dance music (NB from Greg .. possibley one of Paul’s best albums ever)

1998 Web cast where Paul performs ambiant music live, one of the first cyber concerts.

1999 A Concert for Linda-Paul and star studded cast pay tribute to the ex-beatles late wife and delivers a sullen yet soulful performance

1999 Working Classical-some favorites with a classical twist

1999 Paul is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and despite still mourning his late wife, gets up during the rock roll jam and delivers a powerful performance

1999 Garland for Linda- classical ode to his late wife

1999 Run Devil Run- the perfect album to come off Linda’s passing. A return to songs from a happier childhood days. Paul & Band sounds like they’re having fun with a sprinkling of 3 new songs and a new

1999-Paul has a gallery showing in Seigen, Germany displaying his collection of paintings which is accompanied with a book

2000 Liverpool Sound Collage-Paul back to doing some sonic experimentation with those Super Furry Animals

2001-Blackbird Singing-Paul publishes his book of poetry and lyrics. Performs some of these on the Charlie Rose show

2001 Wingspan- a retrospective two disc look at the days of “Wings” as well as a DVD and a tv special

2001 Concert for New York-Paul gathers the biggest acts in the world to benefit the victims of 9-11-01. It is an emotional and healing event. I don’t think i’ve ever been at a concert packed with as much raw emotion and urgency. Despite critics, Paul does play new songs during his set.

2001 Driving Rain-first work with producer David Kahn and first set of original material since Linda’s death and start of relationship with Heather Mills. A very different McCartney album with darker lyrics and a very unfinished sound lacking the familiar harmonies.

2002-Back in the US & World- live sets to the world tour

2003- Touring the world

2004-Music & Animation Collection with Paul’s children animations…Rupert the Bear & Tropic Island Hum showing Paul’s love of cartoons and animation

2005 Twin Freaks-some experimental dance re mixes

2005 Chaos and Creation in the Backyard-Paul and producer (Nigel Godrich) combine on an ultra creative album with Paul playing all of the instruments. Result….a dark, moody, and sonically challenging album that fans learn to embrace

2005 Tour of America

2006-Ecce Cor Meum- Paul with yet another classical treat as he again shows a more serious side to his musical creativity

2007-Memory Almost Full- Paul returns with David Kahn for mirror side of Chaos. The songs and lyrics are light and fun and a return of the lush harmonies and fantastic instrumentation . Paul delivers again with a solid effort

2007 Multiple ‘small venue’ concert dates, fan friendly and free or low cost tickets, first in best dressed.

Here’s to another ten years of Macca music and fun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why only 10 years He is 50 years in the business.

    July the 6th 1957 to June 2007

  2. Anonymous says:

    Paul is a musician. But his last songs look so tired and his memory is really too full.. Is there any chance to continue?

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi, in my opinion Paul has not wavered in the last ten years at all, he is still releasing albums and songs equivalent to the best of his career, imo Chaos is one of his top four album, along with Ram, Band on the run and Flowers in the dirt, his album Rushes released in 1998 is his next best album after that, Greg.

  4. mcarp555 says:

    The past ten years have been a great creative challenge, with the loss of Linda and learning how to still be relevant to an audience in your late 50’s to early 60’s. Something that artists of the ‘rock’ generation have struggled with (for example, name any Stones album of the past ten years).

    I think Paul has stumbled a bit during this time (“Driving Rain”), but “Memory Almost Full” is by far the best thing he’s done since “Flaming Pie”. Time will tell how well it ages. “Chaos” can now be seen as a vital link to “Memory” (even tho it was recorded later), but sorry Greg, I don’t think it’s a quarter as good. It’s certainly better than “Flowers In The Dirt” and “Off The Ground”, tho.

  5. Debjorgo says:

    I recently made a best of disc from the last 3 McCartney studio albums. Surprisingly the most rocking songs are from “Driving Rain”. I’d have to say the best song is Too Much Rain from “Chaos”, although I have to skip it a lot. It makes me cry and I’m a guy. Embarrassing.

    I love your blog. I visit all the time.

  6. Anonymous says:


    You have a really nice Beatles photo blog! I have to say that Paul’s best post Beatles music is really from 1970-1975 with the Wings Venus and Mars album being the last truly great album by Paul. He never sounded as great again after this for some reason. He has written and played some good stuff since,but he never had the same great sound he had before up until that period.

    I love his first solo album,McCartney where he played all of the instruments by himself and he played so many different instruments great,I love Red Rose Speedway,Band On The Run and Ram has 3 great songs on it,Too Many People,Uncle Albert and Back Seat Of My Car.The whole Venus and Mars album is great every song from the start to the end and there are some great rockers on it too. He produced these albums all by himself too.

    I’m not alone in what I’m saying either I have found reading many music review sites that most people like albums by Paul the most that were during this period. And a guy on Amazon.com said the same exact thing I am about Paul’s great solo/Wings music only being from 1970-1975. After this he said he never sounded great again!

  7. fanofthefab4 says:

    I’m the one who just posted I didn’t want to post anonymous,I want to post as fanofthefab4!

  8. Debjorgo says:

    Everybody�s taste in music is different. Paul ability to cut across that and appeal to the masses is what makes him so great.

    �Red Rose� was the first dip to me. I thought the medley was going to rock out like �Abbey Road�. But the songs were a little too cutesy for me on the medley and the album as a whole. I did like Dragonfly tho. But Live and Let Die and Helen Wheels soon followed and I was back on the bandwagon.

    Everybody eventually came on board with �Band on the Run� and I agree with fanofthefab4 on �Venus and Mars�.

    But since then, some now say they did not like the �number one song� Silly Love Songs or Let �Em In but Beware my Love was and is great. The next two studios have their moments but by the time of McCartney II you could tell Paul was missing the old Beatle days (remember the photos of Paul with his Lennon glasses, looking through the �ring� of beads and wearing the oriental mystic glasses, nods to John, Ringo and George).

    This is when John was brutally murdered. Paul�s subsequent album �Tug of War� was called a masterpiece by Rolling Stone, and I�d say I agree. I could elaborate.

    �Skipping Ahead� (he says in a silly voice, hoping to lighten his mood), �Flaming Pie� was a return to the Beatle Paul mindset. (Is Paul really saying he is the man on the flaming pie who came to John and said you will be Beatles with an �A�.)

    And the last ten years have been phenomenal. This is the point of the post. If you�re not on board, please get there. It�s not too difficult at all if you try.

  9. Debjorgo says:

    I typed the above in Word to use spell check and then I copied into here. Bad move.

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